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Vordermann provides unparalleled guidance across numerous fields and topics. Whether your niche is finance, crypto, SaaS, healthcare, cannabis, consulting, or social media management, we have you covered!

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Invest in the future of Cannabis and
work with a diverse group of Cannabis Start-Up owners!

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We invest in our own projects and partner with impactful companies to expand our reach and our services.

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We have a portfolio of clients across the U.S. and Europe, including Pet Food Express, LEICA camera, VORWERK, Thermomix, PartyLite, SwissLife, Telekom, Vienna tourism, and many more. Let's chat to discuss our results!

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Our team of serial entrepreneurs and former executives bring years of insights and unique strategies to the table. Schedule a call to learn about our curated approach.

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Do you need an Advisory Board, Chief of Staff, CEO, or CMO? Our team of experts with global experience will provide guidance and support in any capacity you need.



Vordermann creates innovative strategies to jumpstart and sustain your company's growth while optimizing existing infrastructure to improve team performance.

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Our decisions are data-driven! We don't spend unnecessary money for the wrong channels. We track, test, proof and convert.

Branding & Influencer


A beautiful story, shared in the right community, at the right time can be powerful. We help you create a relevant story and convert leads to sales.

Ideation & Execution


We have crypto projects in different topics and can help with all aspects of your project launch. Special areas of focus in the metaverse, real estate, boxing, entertainment and more.

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We have a large network of mentors who specialize in Cannabis and have successful stores and products in the hottest markets in the world. Improving access to both virtual and real cannabis products globally.

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We know how hard it is to find the right team. Our expert team is here to provide back up while finding the people right for you.



The Vordermann team works remotely from locations around the world. Our expertise and knowledge will help to acheive the performance your project deserves.

Marketing & Sales

Alex Meyer

He is a passionate mentor, investor and serial entrepreneur with decades of experience, originating in the media sector and then as founder of numerous European and US companies.
Located in the Bay Area. (US)

Cannabis & ecommerce

Sean Mafi

He spent the last 20 years in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies, such as Samsung Electronics and Microsoft. The past 8 years, he shifted his focus to leverage his extensive B2B and B2C experience to the thriving Cannabis business.
Located in Seattle. (US)

Executive Advisory

Jürgen Kurz

Entrepreneurially driven software executive with a proven track record to develop, launch and scale award-winning products.
Located in Guadalajara. (MX)


Blaine McManus

He is an award-winning producer with 30 years in film, tv and live events. He is founder of Sectre Holdings, dedicated to supporting interests in Media, the Cannabis industry and in humanitarian endeavors. He is co-founder of Haus of Meta and Animal Refuge Network.
New Orleans, LA (US)
Los Angeles, CA (US)

Growth Marketing & SEO

Philipp Müller

All-Rounder in Marketing and Strategic Marketing with focused experience in Lead Generation, Performance Marketing, Online Marketing and CRM.
Located in Linz. (AT)

IT & security

Heiko Fruehwirth

He is an experienced IT project manager in the system tech industry. Consulting and implementation of web and security solutions are his main topics.
Located in St. Gallen (CH)

Publishing & Fashion

Julian Wiehl

He is the founder of the famous VANGARDIST magazine and the organizer of THE FUTURE BALL event. His deep knowledge is in the publishing, event and fashion industry.
Located in Vienna (AT)

Branding & Content

Napp Da

Napp is a branding and story telling expert. As art director of our design and influencer arm, THE SULFUR GROUP, he shows his magic in understanding the customer and delivering amazing designs.
Located in LA (US)

Crypto & law enforcement

Cem Kolcu

He works since years in the law enforcement and has a huge network of private and crypto investors in Europe and the UAE. His newest venture is one of the first casinos in the UAE.
Located in Heidelberg. (DE)

Crypto & Investment

Muti Brim

He is an experienced Crypto Enthusiast with more than 8 years in this industry. He leads several investor groups and has a network of several crypto launchpads. He is leading the Thailand ventures of Cannabis Global Invest.
Located in Pattaya (TH)

Amazon & NFT

Ramsha Ahmad

She is a disrupter in the crypto industry and serial entrepreneur. She speaks on conferences for woman and diversity to create change. Her knowledge in online sales, especially on Amazon is based on several startups on her own.
Located in Toronto. (CN)

Medical & Copy

Heather Scott

She is the founder of Alita Ventures and helps to mentor female founders internationally. She has a background in medicine and is specialized in copy writing and editing.
Located in Redwood City (US)

Projects & Know How

Women & Diversity


Our impact partner, Alita Ventures is a woman led, diversity-centric holding company, with a portfolio of thriving businesses and is backed by successful companies in Europe and Silicon Valley.

Alita Ventures


Prework Academy

PREWORK Academy brings Silicon Valley direct to students in Europe. Expert SV Mentors will learn Students the basics of entrepreneurship, how to start a business, how to pitch to investors, and understand industry trends.

More Engagement + Reach

Brand Messenger

Send a personalized message to any follower that comments on a post and immediately increase your conversion rate.

Celebrities & Events

Haus of Meta

A bridge between the decentralized world and physical world, Haus of Meta is the first members club that operates in the real world by way of smart contracts and decentralized assets.

Fashion & Diversity

Vangardist Magazine

Vangardist Magazine is the medium for all queers and straight allies, for feminism and people of color.

Cannabis Projects

Cannabis Dispensaries

HoC Express

Along with our partners in Thailand, we will open and operate Haus of Cannabis, a new business that has a dispensary, a medical clinic, and a smoking lounge.

Cannabis eCommerce


Peridot is an online ordering and e-commerce software built for the cannabis industry, by the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Investments

Cannabis Global Invest

With dedication and persistence, we’ve cultivated a community of brilliant and like-minded entrepreneurs brought together by a combined passion for cannabis, business, and culture.

Cannabis Data


Firewalker is a new tool to find dispensaries, compare inventory and see what's fire in the market.

Marketing & Sales

Alex Meyer

He is a passionate mentor, investor and serial entrepreneur with decades of experience, originating in the media sector and then as founder of numerous European and US companies.
Located in the Bay Area. (US)

Entertainment & real estate

Zeeshan Moha

He is an experienced serial entrepreneur with legal background. His portfolio companies are reaching from legal to airplanes and real estate to entertainment.
Located in Los Angeles. (US)